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In the 1840s, settlers from Tennessee and Kentucky began arriving in the Richardson area, which was inhabited by Comanche and Caddo Indian tribes. Several of the earliest families clustered around an area later named Breckinridge. The town was situated near what is now Richland College and consisted of a general store, a blacksmith shop and the Floyd Inn. Today the City is no longer the bedroom community of the ’50s and ’60s, but is itself at the heart of a significant employment center, the Telecom Corridor© area. More than 88,000 people work in the City of Richardson each day.

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Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is an effective way to bring balance to the face. This procedure not only reshapes and resizes the nose for a more aesthetically pleasing look, but also can rejuvenate a patient’s confidence. The nose is visually the most prominent feature of the face, and functionally, needs to allow the ability to breathe. Yet esthetically, the nose should not distract from other desirable features of the face such as brilliant, youthful eyes. Many patients, therefore, seek a change to their nasal appearance. Rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to change the external shape of the nose. Patients can see a dramatic improvement in their appearance following rhinoplasty, also called nose surgery or a nose job. Rhinoplasty reconstructs the structure, shape and form of the nose, as well as on occasion, simultaneously improve the airway flow and function, in order to improve nasofacial balance, function and overall aesthetic appearance. Procedural time is typically under three hours, performed under general anesthesia using the highest levels of anesthetic care and safety.

By 1990 Richardson had 102 manufacturing firms, with an emphasis on electronics and telecommunications. Seven publications were prepared in Richardson, including five related to the petroleum industry, one English and Polish language literary journal, and the Richardson News, a daily community newspaper founded in 1958, with a 1990 circulation of 8,000. The population in 1990 was 74,840. In 2000 the population was 91,802. Richardson is a principal city in Dallas and Collin counties in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2015 American Community Survey, the city had a total population of 106,123. Richardson is an affluent inner suburb of Dallas. It is home to The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and the Telecom Corridor®, with a high concentration of telecommunications companies.

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