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PARKER, TEXAS (Collin County). Parker is on Farm Road 2514 near Maxwell Creek two miles northeast of Plano in south central Collin County. It developed around the gristmill and general store built by T. L. Johnson in the early 1880s. In the mid-1880s the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway surveyed the community and laid out town lots. Later the company decided to run its tracks through Wylie, two miles southeast of Parker. Although bypassed by the railroad Parker continued to serve as a retail point for area farmers.

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The face is the most expressive area of body, allowing us to convey joy, laughter, surprise and sadness, and to connect to others on a daily basis. Rhinoplasty (aesthetic nasal sculpting) is universally recognized as the most elegant but most difficult of all plastic procedures. It demands careful preoperative analysis, good technical execution of a surgical plan and continued follow-up over many years. Literally the center of the face, the impact of the nose cannot be understated. It plays an upmost importance in both appearance as well as comfortable daily living via it’s effect on breathing. Due to this critical role, and the complexity involved in nasal surgery, aesthetic rhinoplasty has been described as the most difficult of all plastic surgery procedures by many well known and accomplished surgeons. If you’re really thinking of getting a nose job, your first step is going to be discussing it with your physician. It will require an initial meeting in which you will tell us what bothers you most about your nose and what steps you want to take in order to get it fixed. The most important thing for you to understand when you get a nose job is that there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect nose.

Parker was incorporated as a city on March 22, 1969. Since then, many city improvements – including an administration hall facility, fire station, police station, pump station, and various road and drainage improvement projects – have been completed. Parker is proud to offer our citizens country living at its finest. Our farming and animal husbandry roots can be found everywhere. Even though our population has increased to over 3,500 persons, one can still find spacious lots for homes uncommon to the atmospheres of more densely populated adjoining cities. Parker retains the beauty and atmosphere found only in the country, with close-by city conveniences such as shopping malls, high-quality Plano and Allen schools, fire and police protection, city water, and environmental concerns for waste recycling.

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