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Hebron is another lost town. The town exists, at least in theory – an impressive beaux-arts church still graces the crossroads that mark the town, and First Street retains some old store facades (now in disuse). But because of the development of extreme southeastern Denton County – Hebron lies so close to the sprawl of Plano that if you spit, you’re liable to hit someone’s Prada shoes – the town is nothing more than a speck in the road.

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The ultimate goal of any effective rhinoplasty procedure is to create an enhanced but completely natural appearance that serves to harmonize the shape of your nose with the rest of your facial structure. Too many bad “celebrity nose jobs” have created the pervasive stigma of shiny, pinched noses. But in the hands of a capable medical practitioner with a wealth of experience and expertise performing a nose job, this procedure should seamlessly blend the alterations in your nasal structure with your other facial features. Open rhinoplasty is probably the most common and preferred method of rhinoplasty among cosmetic surgeons. Also known as endonasal rhinoplasty, the closed nose surgery method relies on the use of small instruments that are inserted through the nostrils, thus avoiding any external incisions and scarring. The essential difference between the two methods is that open rhinoplasty involves a small incision to the columella (the fleshy end of cartilage between the nostrils), whereas closed rhinoplasty does not. Closed rhinoplasty usually translates to a speedier recovery, with less post-operative discomfort, but it can also restrict the surgeon’s freedom during the operation itself.

HEBRON, TEXAS (Denton County). Hebron, twenty-one miles southeast of Denton in southeast Denton County, was founded in the vicinity of the old Bridges Settlement of 1843. It was named for the Biblical town of Hebron. By 1890 the community had a post office. In 1902 the Red River, Texas and Southern (now Burlington Northern) Railway built through the town. At one time Hebron had three cotton gins. It was incorporated briefly in the mid-1960s, but it was not permanently incorporated until the mid-1970s.

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